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Waveguard Qi-enheter - Vanliga frågor och svar

Här följer några vanliga frågor samt svar. Materialet är på engelska.


Will my Qi-Technologies® device stop my phone/laptop/WiFi-router/etc from working?

Qi-Technologies® devices offer protection against EMFs without interfering with your wireless devices. This means that you can continue using your phone, laptop, WiFi router, etc as normal, all whilst experiencing effective 5G/WiFi/EMF defense.

With that being said, even with the Qi technology, we still recommend practicing good tech hygiene.


Why does my EMF meter not change when testing the area around my Qi-Technologies® device?

Qi-Technologies® devices work differently to how EMF shielding fabric works (this allows you to use your tech devices along with your Qi-Technologies® device - whereas it wouldn't be recommended to use tech devices within a faraday space/cage). When using a meter with shielding fabric you are able to test the frequencies inside and outside the fabric to see a difference. On the other hand, Qi-Technologies® devices work by depolarizing the man-made EMFs in our environments. This helps to reduce the physiological effects on the body caused by the technology we use. This effect can’t be tested with an EMF meter, instead it is tested through bodily factors including heart rate variability and skin conductance.


What is the lifespan of each Qi-Technologies® device? Do Qi-Technologies® devices need to be recharged?

Qi-Technologies® products arrive charged and will last up to approximately 5 - 8 years before they need to be recharged.

Typically, on a single charge, the Qi-Shield will last up to 5 years, and the Qi-Home Cell and Qi-Max will last up to 8 years, before needing to be recharged.

The devices work off-grid and do not need an electrical supply.


How do I recharge my Qi-Technologies® device?

There are a couple of ways to recharge your Qi Device: firstly, you can recharge smaller Qi Devices (such as the Qi-Me and Qi-Shield) on your Qi-Home Cell or Qi-Max Cell. To do this, simply place the Qi-Me or Qi-Shield on the Qi-Home Cell or Qi-Max Cell and leave it there for 24-48 hours. 

The second option is to send your device back to the manufacturer in Germany and they will recharge it for you for a service fee. You can get in touch with us at Equmedic and we'll help you to organize this.

Please note the manufacturer does not offer recharge on The Qi-Me and Qi-Shield. Instead, we are happy to offer a discount on your next device purchase.


What is meant by ‘Safe Distance to Technology’?

'Safe distance to technology' is the distance we recommend keeping your Qi-Technologies® device away from any EMF source. EMF sources include electrical wiring in the walls, phones, laptops, etc). We recommend keeping your Qi-Technologies® device the following distance away from any EMF source:

Qi-Me: at least 25 - 30 cm
Qi-Shield: at least 25 - 30 cm
Qi-Home Cell: at least 50 cm
Qi-Max Cell: at least 50 cm - 1 m

If you place your Qi device too close to an EMF source it will hinder your Qi device’s ability to create a working area of protection (and therefore stop your Qi device from working to its full effectiveness).


My Qi-Shield has developed lines / black marks on the copper. Is that normal?

It's perfectly normal for your Qi device to develop grey/black lines around it - it is simply an effect of the material used. The Qi devices are coated with a diffusion-open lacquer so that the surface is not isolated (this is because it is beneficial for your skin to directly touch the copper). When your skin touches the Qi-Home the lines may develop overtime. This has no negative impact on the functioning of the device.


How do I clean my device?

Copper will tarnish over time but what we suggest cleaning without chemical based solutions - use 1 tablespoon of Sea Salt and 1 cup (30ml) of white vinegar. Using a polishing cloth rub the copper gently. This should renew and brighten the copper. Over time the copper will tarnish -but please be assured this doesn't weaken the field strength of the working area.


Is it normal to hear liquid trickling when the Qi-Technologies® device is turned on its side?

Yes, it is normal to hear liquid moving inside the device, however it is not normal for liquid to leak from the device. Trickle, yes. Sloshing, no.


What’s the ideal way to use Qi-Shield?

The portable Qi-Shield is ideal for use in the office, bedroom, vehicle or air travel.


Who is Hagen Thiers?

The Story of Hagen Thiers:
Hagen Thiers, the inventor of Qi technology, experienced electro-sensitivity during his youth. Symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, as well as sleep and concentration disturbances were routine occurrences. This is a reality for approximately 10 percent of the German population who also grapple with the effects of electrosmog. Seeking refuge in electrosmog-free zones was not a sustainable solution for Hagen.

From Concept to Certified Remedy:
This drove Hagen, in 2008, to commence the development of a solution to safeguard against electromagnetic radiation. He brought his concept to life by fabricating multiple prototypes, evaluating their efficacy and refining them ceaselessly. This led to the establishment of Qi-Technologies in 2014.

From 2019 onward, we have presented numerous research papers attesting to the efficiency of our products, hence, the effectiveness of Qi technology. More research is under way. As we strive to cater to customers on a global scale, Qi-Technologies has evolved into Waveguard.