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Waveguard Qi technology

"Only very few people know that these rays make people ill. Thousands of scientific studies, the Federal Office for Radiation Protection and the Council of Europe warn against electrosmog. The cell phone manufacturer Apple and Telekom even warn against their own products."


Understand how the new Technology works - Physical Principal of Qi technology

Waveguards Qi technology uses the depolarization effect to reduce the field strength of electromagnetic frequencies. This effect occurs when radiation comes into contact with liquids. It is almost the same as when a rainbow is formed. The light beam is scattered and we can see the light spectrum. When a radio beam is scattered, the field strength decreases.

The Qi technology is a proven technology that reduces the field strength in its working area. We have more than 25 studies with a technical and biological background that prove that our devices really work. 


Biological Impact of 5G Radiation

" ...unthinkable to allow the implementation of this technology if I can not ensure compliance with standards to protect citizens. 5G or not."


Radio Rays:

  • Radio Rays are polarized rays which have a negative impact on our Body.
  • Man-made Radiation are mostly regulated of how to use and what kind of protection you have to use.
  • Germany has a law to protect against non-ionizing radiation, but below the frequencies of mobile radiation ...


Natural Rays:

  • Natural Rays such as Light and Sounds can increase our health, well-being and also have positive effects on our emotions.
  • Natural Rays are depolarized rays, which means that your body can process them well depending on their intensity.
  • Natural Rays are cosmic radiation (e.g Sun light) , terrestrial radiation (e.g magnet field of earth), incorporated radionuclides (e.g bad nutrition) , radon and its derivatives.


Possible Issues From Mobile Radiation Exposure

Sleeping Disorders.
Do you have a real deep and recovering sleep?

Headache, Concentration weakness.
Are you able to work highly concentrated?

Skin Irritation.
Do you have sometimes red skin or feel a tingle?

Digestive Disorders.
Do you sometimes have problems with your stomach or intestines?

Heart Palpitation.
Did you know that our heart has its own EMF? Could it be affected by artificial radiation?


    The Benefits of Qi technology, Benefits for your Wellbeing

    Qi technology can help protect your cellular recovery, increase your default mode network, and most importantly, make you feel better.

    CELL-REGENERATION: Prof. Dartsch has researched that Waveguard devices help to protect your natural cell regeneration.

    DEFAULT-MODE-NETWORK: The Fraunhofer Institute has researched that Waveguard devices increase theta brainwaves. 

    WELL-BEING: Most customers confirm a significantly better life quality and greater well-being.


    Why Theta Brainwaves are important for you

    • Theta-Brainwaves are the best expression of relaxation
    • Deep relaxation with Theta Brainwaves reduce the feeling of pain
    • Theta Brainwaves activate your Default-Mode-Network and can increase your creativity and memory
    • Theta Brainwaves are the key to your subconscious mind - the place where your ego is formed and your behaviours are stored
    • If you're under a lot of stress at work, make sure to keep your balance and go into really deep relaxation.