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Trinity Pro, Biomedis - How It Works

The TRINITY PRO allows you to use advanced patented bioresonance Multi-Frequency Synchronization (MFS) technology in everyday life.


The Complexes used in the TRINITY PRO device are based on Bio-Resonance Therapy (BRT) and Structural Resonance Therapy (SRT).

Both Psychosomatic Pathology Correction Method with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) are implemented in the TRINITY PRO through latest most advanced MFS technology, enabling scientific research techniques on a completely new level.


Selecting complex and duration

A session is a one-time impact of a specific of complex. If it is necessary, you can have several sessions a day depending on the complex length. To obtain the desired results, you need to do a course of sessions.

The average course of the therapy is 14-21 days. It is desirable to take a break for a few days between courses. You can combine several complexes, although it is advised that you first use the Detox basic day/night complex for at least 8 weeks before using more focused complexes.


Scanning Technology

The TRINITY PRO scans the body first and identifies the resonance absorption frequencies of the organism.

Our body’s frequencies constantly change their values; therefore, TRINITY PRO constantly adapts to these changes and maintains an adequate frequency of influence. Due to this, the corrective frequencies penetrate the body without hindrance, and more efficiently.

To use the scanning feature in modes 1 or 2,  you must firstly turn the device with its back facing you at a distance of 20-30 cm (8-12inches) for 7-8 seconds until you hear a bleep during this time,  the antennas are activated and scanning technology takes place.


The radius of effective influence:

The TRINITY Pro can be used by each member of the family separately, but it cannot be used to affect the person sitting or sleeping next to you when it is in use. In both modes, the device can be worn next to the body in the included carry pouch or in a pocket with the back of the device facing the body.

In mode 2, however, if directed at the head it will provide a stronger effect on the brain waves. When necessary, the TRINITY Pro can also be pointed at the body at a distance of 20–30 cm. The scanning function is still needed initially. If the distance is less than 20 cm or more than 30 cm, the efficiency is reduced.


Modes and Effect

The TRINITY PRO has two different modes, both can be used on the body, however mode 2 has a higher impact on brain waves if directed at the head. At the end of each complex name you will see the recommended mode to select:

There are three calibrated antennas in modes 1 and 2 that affect the entire body on three levels:

  • On the cellular and intracellular levels
  • Through the blood vessels, nerve fibres, biologically active points
  • Through the water matrix


Mode 1:

  • Strengthening of the body functions and systems (musculoskeletal, nervous, integument, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, urinary, immune, endocrine, reproductive)
  • Prevention of premature ageing
  • Ensuring infectious safety
  • Body cleansing and elimination of toxic substances.


In mode 1 the basal rhythms of the organism are affected. Basal rhythms are initial, basic, deep rhythms of a human, developed in the course of evolution. In a state of health, they are clearly defined and synchronized with each other. 

Because of the fractal interrelation between the modulation frequencies and inter-synchronization of these rhythms on all functional-hierarchical levels of an organism, the basal rhythms return to the state of health. 


Modes 2: 

  • Sleep normalisation
  • Mood and well-being improvement
  • Anxiety decrease
  • Memory improvement
  • Pain reduction
  • Autonomic nervous system support
  • Physical working capacity improvement
  • Alcohol and drug dependency recovery


In mode 2 The brain rhythms are synchronised. The modulation frequencies are correlated with the brain rhythms. 

The multichannel effect of the device uses the same principle that the brain itself uses to maintain homeostasis. During therapy the ancient structures of the human brain, which is responsible for managing the reserve and hidden capabilities of the body get stimulated and balanced. 

The regular use of the psychosomatic complexes in Mode 2 calms the mind and body, and synchronizes them to work as one unit. 



The Biomedis Trinity devices are not medical devices and do not treat or cure any sickness; rather, they assist the body in decreasing toxins and stress loads, restoring self-regulation, and letting the body recover itself.